Python Software Engineer

My name is Bahram Aghaei. Welcome to my personal website. I'm enthusiastic learner who is always looking for new projects and challenges. I'm a Computer Networks Student at K. N. Toosi University of Technology and a huge Free Software enthusiast, these days spend most of my time on Python Programming language.

In the past, I worked as Linux system adminstrator, It was pretty awesome. But now prefer to work as Python developer. My long-term goal is to be professional Python developer.

In my free time I enjoy doing different kind of exercises, improving my productivity, reading books.

Amplification DDoS Attack


My M.Sc. Thesis is about amplification attack, at the next paragraph I write about what it is and what I did.

An Amplification Attack is any attack where an attacker is able to use an amplification factor to multiply its power. Amplification attacks are "asymmetric", meaning that a relatively small number or low level of resources is required by an attacker to cause a significantly greater number or higher level of target resources to malfunction or fail. Examples of amplification attacks include Smurf Attacks (ICMP amplification), Fraggle Attacks (UDP amplification), and DNS Amplification.

My duty is to detect the bad request on DNS Server and prevent the future attack. If you're still interested in knowing more click on More button.

More Github repository with all code


What I usually blog about.


Bahram Aghaei, Saeed Sedighian Kashi:
A Reactive Method For DNS Amplification Attack Detection.
5th International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering with an emphasis on indigenous knowledge, Tehran, February 2017.

Bahram Aghaei, Saeed Sedighian Kashi:
Detecting DNS Amplification Attacks Based on Supervised Learning Algorithms.
The 26th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE).

My resume


I'll add my resume here in following week.